Faux Gardens in the Los Angeles Times

by MJG 10. February 2009 07:07

imageYou’ll find some great decorating ideas on how to use artificial plants and trees around your living spaces in a great article by Barbara Thornburg in last Saturday’s LA Times. While they don’t have the entire article online, they do have a great photo gallery that you view by clicking on the image at right or at the end of this article. However if you can get your hand on a copy of the full article, all the better.

In addition to profiling how a talent agent has “spruced” up his terrace, she also offered up the following tips to do up your “Artificial, Intelligently”:

  • Don’t use artificial versions of plants that wouldn’t normally be found in the environment you plan on placing them
  • Display plants that are appropriate to the current season
  • Looking for inspiration? Take a walk in nature to see how the real thing grows for ideas on how to arrange artificial plants
  • Don’t be afraid of manipulating the plant to make it look realistic based on your meanderings above
  • Create your indoor garden using pots of various shapes, sizes and colors. Their example was to make it not look like you got everything at one place at one time.
  • Buy “pretend” plants just as you would for a regular garden. Choose them for visual interest with a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

His space utilizes a mix of bamboos, grasses, succulents, bromeliads, sansevieria, ferns, orchids and more. Although the designer behind putting together this look for Adam Isaacs wouldn’t reveal his sources, you’ve already found the perfect source for all of these items! They also explored vegetables, phalaenopsis orchids, and more!

Online Gallery: [ http://www.latimes.com/features/home/la-hm-0207-isaacs-pg,0,1455613.photogallery].

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